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Deep within us, positive thought energy burns bright. When we let this energy fill us and spill over in to the world with love and gratitude, we discover that the universe intends for us, and for others around us, to be happy and whole.

About the Design

"L" for Love and "G" for Gratitude are united as a connected symbol of the universe's most powerful positive thought energies. The sphere represents our spirit.

About the Artist

Annie Pryor, inventor, artist and connector has studied the effects of positive and negative thought energy. In her words, "If each of us practiced and shared positive thought energy, the ripples would be felt throughout the world."

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The Lovitude Jewelry collection is unique gifts perfect to express love, gratitude and well being any day, or for special gifts on Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, a Honeymoon, Graduation, Bridesmaids gifts, shower gifts or for World Dat of Love and Thanks.