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My awareness of the importance of Love and Gratitude was inspired after watching "What the Bleep Do We Know!?®". In this film, I was introduced to the work of Masaru Emoto and his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”. His message, in his words, "we must pay respect to water, and feel love and gratitude, and receive vibrations with a positive attitude. Then, water changes, you change, and I change. Because both you and I are water." Masaru Emoto.

In Dr. Emoto's important studies he secured water samples from around the world. He placed the samples in bottles and subjected the water samples to positive words, visuals and music. When these samples were frozen and then thawed, Dr. Emoto's scientists took photos and these samples and the photos showed beautiful hexagonal images. He also subjected bottles of water from the same sources to negative words, visuals and music. These samples were also frozen and as they thawed photos were also taken of these images and these images were ugly, dark, unsightly blobs.

I was encouraged to conduct my own test, with cooked rice which proved “proof positive” and was the inspiration for Lovitude. The experiment started on April 15, 2005 through May 15, 2005. I took four cups of cooked rice and put two cups in one plastic covered container where I wrote Love, Thank You, Lovitude® and the Lovitude® symbol on this container.

I took the other two cups of cooked rice and put them into another plastic container and I didn't write anything on that container.

From April to May I greeted the rice with the positive words on it each day with my positive energy. I disrespected, "dissed", the rice with no messages. After one month the rice that I greeted with positive energy remained white, and it remains so today. The rice that I had dissed was black and molded and it remains so today.

"If your thoughts can do this to rice/water just think of what they can do to you and others around you". I know what negative thought energy can do to us. That's why I'm committed to sharing the story of Lovitude®.

Share Love and Gratitude. It is healing energy. Be well.

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