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IANDS Speakers: “Trusting The Spirital Messages for Real-World Transformation”

September 2, 2021 @ 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

IANDS Conference Keynote Presenters Rise Severson Kasmirski and Anne Pryor
IANDS Conference Keynote Presenters Rise Severson Kasmirski and Anne Pryor

IANDS Presenters Anne Pryor and Rise Karsmirski 2021 Workshop


Anne Pryor and Risë Severson Kasmirski will lead the IANDS audience through a process to tap into the spirit through guides and ancestors to gain insights, direction, and access creativity. Inspired by after-death communications from their friend, a friend, Anne and Risë were directed to write about the afterlife and create stunning and unique paintings by breathing through the souls in the spirit world. In this interactive presentation and discussion, you will learn how to activate a connection with the spirit world, trust the messages you receive, and activate your lifeforce to enhance your creativity and innovation.

Through the 5 A’s, you will learn how your loved ones in the spirit world may be reaching out to you and experience a unique process to act on the messages received. Anne and Risë will share tools to change the way you think, approach creativity, and your work. Anne will also demonstrate activating Lifeforce through a Lovitude™ Soul Painting demonstration.

Leaning Objectives:
1. Learners will be able to describe and be aware of signs and list the ADC that they are receiving from the spirit world.
2. Learners will understand how to follow the journey from message to message they are receiving resulting in creativity and innovation.
3. Learners will use the 5 As to access spiritual insights and turn them into meaningful action.

Outline / Topics:
INTRODUCTION • Our story – a brief overview of our after-death communication with our friend and colleague, a friend.
• Ways the spirit world communicates. • Discussion – how are you receiving messages?
ACCESSING LIFEFORCE – Preparing to receive
• Breathing exercise, plus other modes of centering and opening
• Intention and Attention

• Risё tells the story as Anne creates a Lovitude Soul Painting
• Open discussion about audience insights about the painting and what it triggers in the 5 A’s

1) ASK – be willing to ask for spirit connections.
2) ALLOW – the message in whatever form it comes.
3) ACCEPT – the message as it is.
4) APPRECIATE – be grateful for the connection and message.
5) ACT – on the insights or information received
Q & A Closing Comments – next steps

Cost: $40 per person

Rise Severson Kasmirski is the author of When Paradise Speaks. Anne Pryor is the Lovitude Soul Painter.