Lovitude Quilt Fabric Available from 3 Wishes Fabric

Lovitude “Play With Me” Quilt Fabric available for beautiful Lovitude Soul Painting Quilts

Lovitude Quilt Fabrics by Anne Pryor

Play with Me quilt fabric by Anne Pryor Lovitude Soul Painter licensed by 3 Wishes Fabric

Click the link to view the Lovitude “Play With Me” fabric collection available from 3 Wishes. Show me what you make!

QUILTERS – beautiful Lovitude fabrics are now available. “Play With Me” designs are licensed by 3 Wishes Fabric. They did a beautiful job creating the designs. Purchase the fabric at great retailers and online stores:



Tx MHS Licensing and Renae Lokpez for their hard work to license my Soul Paintings to be shared globally on beautiful products. Contact them at https://www.mhslicensing.com/art-brands/lovitude-.html