Anne is now offering customized Lovitude Soul Paintings for loved ones from loved ones that have passed.

“This Lovitude Soul Painting changed my life. I had a difficult relationship with my mother before and after she passed. When Anne painted this piece for me I heard my mother speaking to me with kindness, encouragement, and love. I have it in my office and it blesses me each time I look at it. I feel that my issues with my mother have dissolved into love.” Client from AZ, Author, Speaker, TV Personality

Anne Pryor Lovitude Soul Painter presenter on The Shift Network created “Loving Remembrance” Soul Painting.

How it works:

  1. Provide Anne with the name and relationship of your deceased loved one with whom you’d like a Lovitude Soul Painting. Provide her with a 4-week lead time period. It takes time for inspiration, for the soul painting to dry, to get photographed, and to mail.
  2. The recipient will receive a personalized and named Lovitude Soul Painting and a message about the painting sent via USPS to the address provided.
  3. Investment options:
    1. 8×10″ Lovitude Soul Painting, unframed, with “When Paradise Speaks” book – $299.00. (For other size options contact anne@pryority.com)
    2. Additional books – $25.00
    3. Includes taxes, shipping, and handling.

When Paradise Speaks by Rise Severson Kasmirski

Contact Anne today: anne@pryority.com