Rise Severson Kasmirski MA mystic and author When Paradise Speaks by Lovitude Publishing

Risë Severson Kasmirski MA Mystic and Author of When Paradise Speaks

When Paradise Speaks by Rise Severson Kasmirski with Lovitude Soul Paintings by Anne Pryor
When Paradise Speaks by Risë Severson Kasmirski and Lovitude Soul Paintings by Anne Pryor

A Remarkable, True Story of Friendship, After-Death Communication, and Art that Heals

Risë Severson Kasmirski, MA, is a mystic, and the founder of RightPath Careers, an Executive Career, and Life Coaching firm. Together with Anne Pryor, MA, Risë helps others access the guidance and unconditional love available to them from the spirit world. Risё (pronounced Reesa) was named after an opera singer but she prefers the blues!

When Irene, one of three friends, dies unexpectedly the trio’s lives intertwine even more. As Risё receives communication from Irene in the afterlife, she is propelled into a deep inner journey of lucid dreams, channeled messages, and synchronicities too profound to be manifestations of her imagination. She fills several journals with the wisdom and guidance she receives and one year later, Irene directs Risё to write this book.

The third friend, Anne receives instructions from Irene to create “peacock-colored” paintings. These astonishing showpieces, some of which are included in the book, are awakening others to connect with the spirit world themselves. When Paradise Speaks offers the gift of hope and the understanding that our loved ones are with us in spirit, and always ready to offer us tremendous support and guidance. All we must do is be willing to ask, receive, and act on their messages.

Praise for When Paradise Speaks

When Paradise Speaks will impact you in ways you cannot imagine.”

Echo Bodine, author of Echoes of the Soul and A Still, Small Voice 

“A most excellent account of love, connection, and eternal life that has the potential to transform you in unimaginable ways.”

Suzanne Giesemann, author of Messages of Hope

“Written in a language that is both informative and conversational, authentically coming from the heart.”

Louise Griffith, author of You Are Worth It

“I read this book a few days after my mother had passed. Risё’s words helped me center into that place of peace which surpasses all understanding.”

—Jana Bauer, author of Sun and Moon



Best-selling book "Hello From Heaven" Authors Bill and Judy Guggenheim, they coined the term After Death Communications (ADC)

Hello From Heaven! is the first complete study of an exciting new field of research called After-Death Communication, or ADC. This is a spiritual experience that occurs when a person is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died. During their seven years of research, the authors collected more than 3,300 firsthand accounts from people who believe they have been contacted by a deceased loved one.

The 353 ADC accounts in Hello From Heaven! offer:

• Fascinating modern-day evidence of life after death
• Comfort and emotional support for those who are bereaved
• Hope for those who yearn to be reunited with a loved one who has died
• Courage and strength for those who have a life-threatening illness
• Inspiration for caregivers to the elderly and terminally ill
• Insight and reassurance for those who are fearful of death
• Inner peace for those whose hearts and minds are awaiting this good news

You will treasure these uplifting messages from those who continue to exist in a life beyond physical death. Their profound communications of love offer comfort, hope, and spiritual inspiration to all readers.


Debra Landwehr Engle Author "Be the Light You Are"

Debra Landwehr Engle Author “Be The Light You Are”, “The Only Little Prayer You Need”, “Let Your Spirit Guides Speak”


Dr. Scott Taylor is America’s foremost facilitator near-death experience meditations and retreats, having helped thousands explore the nonphysical universe and the journey of transition. Visit his website for retreat information and his guided meditation CDs.

DR. SCOTT TAYLOR is America’s foremost facilitator near-death experience meditations and retreats, having helped thousands explore the nonphysical universe and the journey of transition. Visit his website for retreat information and his guided meditation CDs.


Scott Taylor, EdD, is President & Executive Director of The Monroe Institute. His vision for TMI is its expanded global distinction as the world’s go-to organization for exploring human consciousness.

The Monroe Institute advances the exploration of human consciousness and the experience of expanded states of awareness as a path to creating a life of personal freedom, meaning, insight, and happiness.

The Monroe Institute® (TMI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit education and research organization, is a preeminent leader in human consciousness exploration. TMI is devoted to the premise that focused consciousness contains the answers to humankind’s questions. Through the use of specific binaural beat technology, education, research, and development, TMI has been advancing the experience of individuals in the exploration of targeted and expanded states of awareness for more than 40 years.

TMI program participants learn experientially through a specially designed binaural beat audio-guidance system at our 300-acre residential retreat nestled in Virginia’s scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, 30 miles south of Charlottesville. Founded in the early 1970s as an educational and research organization by inventor and sound pioneer Robert A. Monroe, TMI offers numerous week-long and weekend residential programs on the main campus in Faber, Virginia, and hundreds more throughout the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The centerpiece of TMI learning is the guided use of Hemi-Sync® and Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM), Monroe binaural beats audio technologies.

Tens of thousands of people have attended the Institute’s residential and Outreach programs, and millions have benefited from our educational materials. TMI works with researchers and practitioners, through university and clinical collaborations, and with our Professional Division and Board of Advisors members, to investigate wider applications of Monroe binaural beat technologies. Anecdotal and empirical reporting on uses of Monroe binaural beat technologies is available in our research section. In addition to Robert Monroe’s three books on out-of-body experiences, see our eBook entitled “Gateway to the Human Mind.”

Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Hemi-Sync®.


International Association of Near Death Studies – The most reliable source for information and research on NDEs.

After Death Communications Research Foundation – ADCRF