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Our wellness products provide specific nutrients working in concert to produce a health benefit that’s far greater than the sum of the individual parts. They enhance each other’s absorption and provide more potent physiological effects when they join forces. Pairing nutrients that have a synergistic effect can help your body find a healthy balance.

They are wonderful and I’m making them available to my friends. Shop and enjoy them and let me know how you love them. Thank you. Anne



Anne and Risë provide inspiring experiential presentations focused on “Authentic Leadership: Creating the soul-filling life you desire through the development of your spirit, body, and mind at work.” They lead teams and groups by focusing on accessing your lifeforce to enhance creativity, personal impact, relationships, and results.

This discussion will help you access lifeforce through self-awareness, learn how to shift your mindset, and unleash your power of love and gratitude. Anne and Risë will use unique tools to change the way you think, approach creativity, and work. It will transform hierarchies and the way you innovate through accessing your lifeforce.





The ADCRF provides the perfect mix of science, community, spirituality, and service. Many people come to the website out of curiosity. Many people have just lost a loved one and are in the grieving process. Some people are getting ready to go to the other side and reading about other peoples’ journey helps to alleviate fear. Near and dear to my heart are also the pet ADCs – we have many pet ADCs.


International Association of Near Death Studies – The most reliable source for information and research on NDEs.

BILL and JUDY GUGGENHEIM – Pioneers of After Death Communications, Authors

Trail-blazers in After Death Communication

Hello From Heaven! is the first complete study of an exciting new field of research called After-Death Communication, or ADC by Bill Guggenheim, considered a pioneer in the field of After-Death Communication (ADC) experiences. He is considered to be the “father of ADC research” and has written and spoken on this subject for more than 25 years. This is a spiritual experience that occurs when a person is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died. During their seven years of research, the authors collected more than 3,300 firsthand accounts from people who believe they have been contacted by a deceased loved one.

Bill and his former wife, Judy Guggenheim, founded, defined, researched, and named an entirely new field of human experience that may be as old as mankind. They called it “After-Death Communication” and published their findings in their bestselling book, “Hello From Heaven!” From 1988-1995, they interviewed 2,000 people and collected more than 3,300 firsthand accounts of people who had been contacted by a family member or friend who had died. Bill and Judy conservatively estimate that at least 60 million Americans, or 1 out of 5 people, have had an ADC – though the actual numbers may be closer to double these figures.

ECHO BODINE – Internationally Renown Psychic Medium, Author, Teacher

Echo Bodine first discovered she was born with psychic abilities and the gift of healing at the age of 17. Her abilities include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing), and clairgustance (smell). She took psychic classes for two years and practiced with friends and family for twelve years before beginning her full-time practice as a psychic, healer, ghostbuster, and teacher in 1979.

In 1981, Echo began teaching classes on psychic development and spiritual healing. She has appeared on numerous national television shows including Sally Jesse Raphael, Sightings, Beyond with James Van Praagh, NBC’s The Other Side, Un-explained Mysteries, NBC’s Today Show, A&E, and Encounters. Paranormal Borderline did a feature story on her family, calling them the “world’s most psychic family”. She has also been a guest on numerous radio shows throughout the country including Coast to Coast.

Echo hosted her own cable TV show called New Age Perspectives for two years. She had her own radio show on FM107 in Minneapolis for 3 years called Intuitive Living, and Paramount Pictures solicited her services for the promotion of the movie Ghost.

She is a field representative for the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. and has a bi-monthly podcast with Bobby Sullivan called Intuitive Living.

Echo provides insights to Anne Pryor on Lovitude and helps share Lovitude with the world.

WES HAMILTON – Master Numerologist

Wes is a spiritual Life Leadership Coach, Master Numerology, and Vice President of Core Passion. Numerology, as defined by Wikipedia, is “the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.

For more than twenty years, Wes has been providing numerology readings and interpretations to business leaders and others who want to understand the impact of numerology on their life. He is a spiritual leadership coach and teacher who relies on his well-developed intuition and strong insight to enhance his work with clients and is an expert in integrating the body, mind, and spirit as essential components for leadership.

His wife, Lori Palm, is CEO of Core Passion; an innovative assessment tool that guides people and businesses to discover their unique gifts. Together, Wes and Lori are a dynamic duo in the business of inspiring passion, purpose, and possibility for personal and business success.

Wes helps people understand who they are and what drives them through the ancient practice of numerology. Using a client’s personal numerology chart, Wes helps his clients recognize the specific influences and opportunities in their life over days, months, and years. In this way, his clients can understand what they might do to prepare beforehand for challenges and opportunities that may appear in their lives.

He provides Numerology readings at expos, in person, and over the phone.

Wes helps people name their businesses and find the best date to file the business name (birthdate) using Numerology.

Wes has helped thousands of people understand the gifts and challenges that will show up in a relationship (personal and professional) so they will know what they are committing to in the future.


DR. SCOTT TAYLOR – President & Executive Director Monroe Institute, Author, NDE Facilitator

Scott Taylor MEd NDE Speaker

DR. SCOTT TAYLOR is America’s foremost facilitator of near-death experience meditations and retreats, having helped thousands explore the nonphysical universe and the journey of transition. Visit his website for retreat information and his guided meditation CDs.

Scott Taylor, EdD, is President and Executive Director of The Monroe Institute. His vision for TMI is its expanded global distinction as the world’s go-to organization for exploring human consciousness.


MISSY RENO SMITH – Pschic Medium, Artist

Through Mediumship and Art, Missy Reno Smith is on a Divine Mission to share God’s Promise with the world, that we do go on to a better place after this life. She has provided insights to hundreds of our clients.


Debra Landwehr Engle Author “Be The Light You Are”, “The Only Little Prayer You Need”, “Let Your Spirit Guides Speak”

NINA SHOROPLOVA – Author and Book Editor

NinaShoroplova Best-Selling Author Book

Nina is a book editor who works on a contract basis, editing manuscripts of authors who are raising human consciousness. Her services include structural editing, copy editing, and proofreading. She is well-versed in the fields of alternative healing modalities, Western healing, spiritual and soul growth, counseling, psychic and spiritual arts, spiritually transformative events including the near-death experience and after-death communication, metaphysics, and holistic nutrition. She has also edited financial texts, novels, art books, and books on brain health and psychotherapy.

She is also an author, having written two trade-published books (Legacy of Trees: Purposeful Wandering in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, Heritage House, Victoria, and Cattle Ranch: The Story of the Douglas Lake Cattle Company, Douglas & McIntyre, North Vancouver) and four self-published books (two on self-awareness and two on authorship).

GEOFF AFFLECK – Book Marketing Guru, Best Selling Author

Geoff Affleck Best Selling Author Book Marketing Guru

Geoff Affleck has helped hundreds of authors to publish and launch #1 bestselling books ranging from Kindle ebooks to New York Times bestsellers.

He designs and manages book launches, online marketing campaigns, and product launches for transformational authors, speakers, and teachers. His clients include Marci Shimoff, Risë Severson Kasmirski, Panache Desai, Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Debra Poneman, Joel Roberts, Matt Kahn, Ellen Rogin, Jennifer Hawthorne, Richard Gordon, and Amelia Kinkade.