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A Brief Overview

About the Book

An Inspiring, Powerful True Story of Messages from the Afterlife

When a friend dies unexpectedly three friend’s lives intertwine in life-changing ways. Immediately following the friend’s death, the author begins to sense her friend’s presence around her. From the podium at her Celebration of Life she sees her friend sitting in the congregation as she is delivering her eulogy, her long auburn hair reflecting light from the windows above. She is calm and joyful as she glances, smiling, over her family and friends.

A fascinating year unfolds as the author receives continuous communication from her friend from the afterlife through lucid dreams, channeled messages, and synchronicities too profound to be manifestations of her imagination. Under the weekly guidance of a spiritual leadership coach, the author commits to a disciplined practice of daily meditation, guided imagery, spiritual experiences, and journaling to document all that she is experiencing and to make sense of this new relationship with the afterlife.

One year later, her friend directs her to write this book from the journals she has filled telling her that she will be her ghost writer from the other side. The book is to be shared with the world and offer hope and understanding that our loved ones are always with us from beyond the veil to bring comfort and support.

Weeks later, the third friend, Anne, receives instructions from the same friend to begin creating large, inspiring, “peacock-colored” paintings using special inks and her breath. Though Anne was not an artist, nor was her friend, the directions were specific that she was to breathe the souls of those who have passed into her paintings using this unusual technique. Months later Anne had created hundreds of paintings. These astonishing showpieces, some of which are included in the book, are awakening others around the world to connect with the spirit world themselves.

When Paradise Speaks is an uplifting and highly engaging story about three friends and what transpired from their willingness to embrace and act on messages received from the afterlife. It is validation that our loved ones are with us in spirit, and always ready to offer us their loving guidance and support. All we must do is be willing to ask, receive, and act on their messages.

Praise for When Paradise Speaks

When Paradise Speaks reminds me of the bestselling book, Eat, Pray, Love with the addition of spiritual companions from the afterlife. It is a true story about three friends, a sudden death, and after-death communication from the deceased friend and other spiritual guides who offer amazing guidance about our lives both here on Earth and on the other side. Their messages from the afterlife also inspired the stunning Lovitude™ Soul Paintings that grace the pages of this book and have been called Visual Blessings.

I highly recommend going through this journey with Risё and Anne. It will impact you in ways you can’t imagine.

Echo Bodine, author of Echoes of the Soul and A Still, Small Voice

It has been proven that in reading or hearing others’ experiences, we open ourselves to these and greater experiences. You hold in your hands a most excellent account of love, connection, and eternal life that has the potential to transform you in unimaginable ways.

Your book, Risё and Anne, will be a gift to many.

Suzanne Giesemann, author of Messages of Hope

When Paradise Speaks is a remarkable, true story about an individual’s spiritual journey. Risё Severson Kasmirski connects with guides and loved ones in the afterlife who long to support us in this life to live our best life, while bringing light and love to others. It is written in a language that is both informative and conversational, authentically coming from the heart.

Risё has done a brilliant job of integrating spiritual principles with real-life experiences, modeling the wisdom of being open to new learnings and experiences with positive benefits for all. The continuous profound question she asks is: “What is the lesson here?”

Anne Pryor has been on a parallel journey following her intuition while connecting with Spirit and being open to guidance from the other side. Although Anne did not train as an artist, her soul paintings are making a profound impact in the world. The inclusion of her Spirit- inspired-work makes this book a real treasure.

Louise Griffith, MA, founder of One Shining Light, and author of You Are Worth It: 52 Weeks to Honoring, Loving and Nurturing Your Soul

About The Author

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Risë Severson Kasmirski, MA, is an author, mystic, and the founder of RightPath Careers, an Executive Career and Life Coaching firm. Before founding her company, she worked in the corporate world in executive sales, marketing, and training.

She began after-death communication with her friend, a friend, within months of a friend’s passing. Through lucid dreams, channeled writing, and direct communication through a medium, Risë was inspired by a friend to write When Paradise Speaks to share wisdom from the afterlife and help others access the guidance and unconditional love available to them from the spirit world and their loved ones who have passed.

With her friend and business partner, Anne Pryor, Risë shares the story When Paradise Speaks and the birth of Lovitude Soul Paintings to audiences globally.

A fun fact, Risё (pronounced Reesa) was named after an opera singer but she prefers the blues!

Rise Severson Kasmirski MA mystic and author When Paradise Speaks by Lovitude Publishing
Anne Pryor LinkedIn Expert Lovitude Soul Painter

About The Artist

Anne Pryor, MA, is the creator of, Lovitude™, and a Soul Painter, recently featured on the Hallmark Channel. She is also an internationally recognized LinkedIn Expert, Career Coach and a former executive with Lifetouch, Carlson, and Knott’s Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN.

She was inspired through afterdeath communications with her friend a friend to create vivid images to activate souls. She has created more than 1,500 soul paintings using ink, her breath, and essential oils on plastic. Anne was not an artist before these messages. These paintings have been called “visual blessings” and are licensed on products distributed globally.

With friend and business partner, Risё Severson Kasmirski, Anne demonstrates Lovitude Soul Painting to audiences globally as they share the story, When Paradise Speaks.

A fun fact, Anne worked with Charles Schulz on the grand opening of Knott’s Camp Snoopy and he is one of her guides.

More Praise for When Paradise Speaks

What a magnificent book! The author takes us on an intriguing journey of divine encounters with the afterlife through conversations with a friend who has passed and other spirit guides. Their great wisdom is available to us all if we will only open ourselves to it.

I read this book a few days after my mother had passed. Divine timing, indeed! While I already believed that my mother is still right here, the messages and love on the pages helped me center into that place of peace, which surpasses all understanding.

Jana Bauer, author of Sun and Moon: Chronicles of a Stepfamily

When Paradise Speaks has the power to transform your relationship with the afterlife. In this true story, Risё shares her profound experiences in communicating with her deceased friend, one whose death came too early. Risё’s subsequent inner journey through meditation and other spiritual experiences lead her to new insights, understanding, and gifts, far beyond what she could have imagined.

As her guide through a year of deep meditation and spiritual coaching, I witnessed Risё’s curiosity, self- doubt, intense learning, and acceptance of the spiritual messages that ultimately manifested into the book you are holding. Anne Pryor’s Lovitude™ Soul Paintings, found throughout the book, were also inspired through after-death communication with the same deceased friend. These vibrant paintings elicit deep feelings of spiritual connection and joy.

Wes Hamilton, Spiritual Life Leadership Coach, Master Numerologist, Co-President of Core Passion™

When Paradise Speaks is a fascinating story about encounters with the afterlife. Risё and Anne’s incredible experiences remind us to ask for messages, pay attention, and be ready to be amazed! Risё is a captivating storyteller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Patrick Pryor, M.Div., BCC

Praise for the Art

Be Not Afraid

Gift of Love

“Anne this painting is beautiful and the message is so peaceful. I have sent it to my son, now in DC leading his National Guard unit, instilling safety during these turbulent days. Thank you for sharing the good Word!” Lori

Wes Hamilton, Master Numerologist

Lovitude Soul Painting by Anne Pryor

 “These paintings are gardens of love and light that transform souls.”

Christopher, IANDS Conference Attendee

Heart Song Lovitude Soul Painting by Anne Pryor Copyright 2018

“Anne I can’t stop crying looking at that painting – it makes my heart so full. I now remember. What is the name – “Heart Song”. I must have that painting.”

Client visiting my studio

Hope Lovitude™ Soul Painting by Anne Pryor Copyright 2017

“That stunning image reminds me of where I came from. I am forever changed.”

Lorrie, IANDS Conference Attendee

Trust Lovitude™ Soul Painting by Anne Pryor Copyright 2018

“That vivid color purple is the color of my soul group that I experienced during my NDE (near death experience). Thank you for helping me remember.”



Pure Happiness Lovitude™ Soul Painting by Anne Pryor

“The Lovitude painting spoke to me. It reminded me of what my deceased husband of 13 years said to me in a dream, enjoy “Pure Happiness”. Because of this, I had the confidence to leave my work as a PR Manager to a Reiki healer.” 


I'm Gorgeous Lovitude Soul Painting by Anne Pryor Copyright 2018

“These paintings are activating my soul and they have given me inspiration for me to move for my job as an accountant to embrace my gifts as an intuitive.”